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Gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD or acid reflux is a condition which manifests through stomach acids reaching one’s esophagus. This phenomenon results in heartburn and numerous other complications which, in the long run can lead to many serious conditions, including esophageal cancer.

Natural vs. Medical

Even though GERD is commonly treated with medications which can control acid levels in a person’s stomach, many people opt for natural solutions for this problem instead. Basically, a combination of natural cures, lifestyle changes and diet modifications can successfully help you get rid of your GERD problem. The following lines will include some of the most popular methods for treating acid reflux naturally.

Natural Treatments for GERD

Several natural solutions may deal with acid reflux which is troubling you. Note that some medicines of this type may not be effective for you and that you might have to try different combination before you manage to find the one suitable for your purposes.

First of all, you may give aloe vera a try. This magnificent plant is used for the treatment of numerous health issues, including GERD. If you desire to get rid of the acid reflux, you need to obtain aloe vera juice intended for internal use, taking it before meals, soothing your esophagus.

Secondly, you may opt for apple vinegar. Namely, just a tablespoon will be enough, taken before meals or during meals. Keep in mind that you should dilute it in a glass of water. Also, for the highest level of effectiveness, get the organic product.

Alternatively, you may battle GERD with ginger root which, when consumed in form of tea or capsules, relaxes the esophagus walls and absorbs excessive stomach acids.

Finally, you can try consuming mint tea, apples, almonds, pineapple, papaya or bananas. All of these are known to regulate your stomach acids and can contribute to the treatment. Some people even claim that chewing gum can help you battle GERD.

As for your lifestyle and diet changes, you can stop your acid reflux by eating lesser portions of food, more frequently during the day. Thus, focus on having 5 smaller meals with snacks, equally distributed during the day, rather than eating only once or twice. Drink plenty of water and avoid processed, spicy, hot or fried food. Smoking and alcohol consumption do not help either. Additionally, never eat anything within 2 hours before bedtime. Ultimately, if all else fails, seek medical assistance if you are troubled by GERD.

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