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Hyperacidity or acid dyspepsia is a modern type of disease. It happens when people’s stomach contains too much hydrochloric acid. This is very uncomfortable disease followed by pain and discomfort in stomach. You can have a feeling that your food is ‘coming back’ that is you feel after taste of your lunch.
Almost quarter of the whole nation in USA suffers from hyperacidity. The reason for that huge amount is poor diet and lack of exercise. If you do not have regular meals, if you eat salty snacks full of additives or a hamburger instead of real lunch and if you sit whole day the consequence is dyspepsia.
It is important to be informed about the illness and its symptoms. Even more important is to start eating regularly and make good choice of food. Do not forget about regular exercises and walks outdoor. Hyperacidity is sometimes resulting of having ulcer. Ulcer can be treated in different ways. You can have a surgery where ulcer will be removed or you can try curing it with home remedies.
Acid reflux disease is a condition that is more dangerous than hyperacidity. It is followed with extreme pain and burning sensation. People suffering from acid reflux disease experience excessive hydrochloric acid from stomach entering food pipe. Hyperacidity can be a mere symptom of stomach cancer. Therefore if you suffer from hyperacidity longer than two months you need to visit your physician and do tests on cancer. If cancer is diagnosed on time it can be kept under control.
In order to fight hyperacidity you need to start having healthy lifestyle. However, you may start with using some beneficial home remedies. Cumin seeds are first on the list of helpful herbs. You can make a helpful potion that will relieve hyperacidity with cumin seeds. Simply boil cumin seeds in water and after cooling off consume the beverage. There are other medicaments made of cumin such as Jeerakarishtam, Panchajeeraka Gulam and so on.
Cloves are also beneficial on hyperacidity. You can chew cloves throughout the day. Another option is to put several drops of clove oil into water and gargle. Ginger is a plant that is very healthy for people. It stimulates digestion. You can add tiny chopped pieces of ginger root into your salad or you can eat ginger root and honey after lunch to relieve hyperacidity and to stimulate digestion. You can also try ginger juice in combination with lime and honey. Ardraka rasayanam is a medicine made of ginger.
Hing is beneficial on hyperacidity, flatulence and colic. Hinguwashtaka churnam contains hing. Garlic is natural antibiotic and it also can relieve hyperacidity when cooked in milk. Fenugreek can eliminate gases and burning sensation in chest. Fennel seeds are also helpful if you suffer from hyperacidity.
Cabbage juice is also powerful in dealing with dyspepsia. Combination of radish and onion can also help. Watermelon, cucumber also reduces too much acid in stomach. Yoghurt can sooth down pain in stomach and relieve hyperacidity.

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