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The medical term for what we commonly call a \"bruise\" is the contusion that is the kind of injury which includes the rupture of the blood vessels and thus, the color of the injury that is different from the rest of the skin which is usually purple. The change of the color is actually the result of the discharge of the blood from the capillaries into the surrounding tissue.

Homemade remedies

So, when this problem occurs, usually as the consequence of a forceful punch or blow, one of the first aid actions that should be done momentarily is to apply anything cold over the contusion and this is the most popular folk remedy for this kind of the injuries. In the cases of this kind of injury, it isn’t necessary to avoid the contact of the skin and ice, and it should be held on the affected spot in the repeated periods of a quarter an hour. This action should be practiced several times per day for the first 48 hours after the injury takes place.

The other precaution, in order to prevent the swelling at the first stages of the bruise’s development, is to provide enough rest and to lift the affected region up, so that the swelling could come off.

However, if the ice is not possible to be put on the contusion from some reasons, the good substitution is the margarine or the chunks of the fresh onion, which will minimize the swelling in the no time. Also, very recommendable is to hold the area of the bruise under the flush of cold water which helps a lot in lessening the pain, as well.

However, for the swelling and the pain, the paste made of the powdered seeds of mustard plants which should be added the cut onion and honey will help a great deal. Another folk remedies are the mixtures of: Vaseline and the cayenne pepper, witch hazel and the warm water; and the juice squeezed from cabbage.

Herbal remedies

When it comes to the natural homemade remedies based on the beneficial herbs which are intended for treating the contusions, one of the most efficient is the remedy made by immersing the mullein flowers into the oil from olive and those flowers should be applied onto the spot. Another beneficial remedy is the tea made of or the essence extracted from the St. Johns Wort or the adhesive plaster based on the comfrey leaf.

Also, the diluted essence of the herb called arnica, the onion previously immersed into the apple cider vinegar or simply ground parsley leaves are another effective topical remedies, especially for the removal of the coloration.Supplements

As far as the supplements are concerned, it is recommendable to introduce more of the vitamin C and the mineral zinc into the eating regime in order to boost the immunity and to, consequently, enhance the regeneration bur the vitamin K should be used topically, that is the ointment based on it should be spread over the bruise and it will help the process of the new absorption of the accumulated blood.

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