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What is here to know about the wasp sting?

Probably everyone at least once in their lifetime has experienced the sting from wasp. It is more painful than in the case of a bee sting, but it is not so severe health condition, unless, of course, the individual who has the allergy to the wasp sting is affected. In that case, the sting, because of a very intense autoimmune response, turns into the possible lethal health condition. That reaction is called anaphylactic shock, which is commonly followed by the loss of consciousness, the breathing cessation because of the swollen tongue and the breathing passages, extremely low blood pressure, and the possible heart failure, if the medical help is not provided. But, if the medical intervention is prompt, the life can be saved, and this intervention includes the administration of the antivenom through the vein.

How to deal with the sting?

On the other hand, when there is no the allergy included, certain auto immune response happens as the reaction to the sting. It is manifested as the swelling, pain and redness on the stung spot. Having in mind how frequent and painful this scenario could be, it is highly recommendable to know some homemade folk remedies, which are, fortunately, abundant.

So, first of all, the needle-like sting the insect left in the skin, should be taken out, but not by squeezing the nearby skin, in order to prevent the toxic protein from spreading. After that, the swelling and the pain could be lessened with the god old ice pack which should be kept on the spot for about one quarter of an hour. As far as the wasp’s toxic material is concerned, the apple cider vinegar, the copper (from the simple coin) and the juice from lemon are the natural antivenoms and they should be applied over the spot. Besides that, there are even more effective remedies, such as ground garlic mixed with salt, onion (for the dull pain), toothpaste and meat tenderizer weakened with water.

It is also beneficial to use the powder the tablet of Aspirin for the topical use, in order to minimize the pain. Nevertheless, when it comes to the irritation, which is indicated by the swelling and itchy sensation, the antihistamine tablets and the Calamine lotion should be used the same way. Of course in the cases of the very aggravated signs of the shock described above, the affected individual must be taken into the hospital as soon as possible and the sting shouldn’t be treated before the medical care is provided.

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