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Description of Nail Fungus

If the nails of the toes and fingers are affected by the fungal infection, it can be very persistent problem. One of the most prominent characteristics of such the problem is that it should be treated for a significantly longer period of time, in the comparison with the other germs. Also, usually, the nail might look as if the fungi are gone, but they are very prone to come back whenever the immunity is not at its best. However, this condition is manifested by the damaged nail, which could be of a darker color and crusty.

So, apart from the synthetic solutions which can be provided in pharmacies as the prescribed medications or the cosmetic products, fortunately, there are numerous homeopathic remedies intended for the removal of the fungal nail infections. It is recommendable to choose the homeopathic treatment, since it is based on the topical use of the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs but one must firstly try out the dose of the remedy, in order to prevent the contraindications these kinds of the remedies might have.

The Homeopathic RemediesBesides, of the problem of the stubbornness of the fungi, the additional troublesome characteristic of this condition is that it is located on the nail. That is, the fungal nail infection must be treated until the nail grows enough that the affected part of the nail could be cut off.

However, the basis of the natural treatment consists of increasing the amount of the alkaline ingredients in the eating regime, such as vinegar and which should be also applied onto the affected spot. Apart from vinegar, the folk remedies are based on the oil extracted from tea tree and the chemical element iodine. This oil has a high concentration of the substances which successfully annihilate fungi and the other germs, as well. It could be mixed with the other essential oils and put on and below the nail, 3 times per day. Or, oregano mixed with the oil from olive could be used to achieve the same goal.

As far as the vinegar is concerned, it should be diluted in lukewarm water, in the equal proportions and the affected areas should be immersed into this solution for the period of at least quarter of an hour. And, it is very important to dry the areas thoroughly after such a treatment, since the humidity is the beneficial surrounding for the fungal settlement.

All in all, it is important to mention that, along with the topical treatment, one should stay away from the carbohydrates and should introduce more products with the ‘’good’’ bacteria into the diet, such as yogurt.

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