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Pimples are one of the most common and widespread aesthetic problems nowadays that effects the teenagers and the younger population. Because of that, both, the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industry have come up with a lot of products and solutions which are designed to remove those annoying formations from the skin. However, the natural remedies which are based on the herbs can deal with this problem as effectively as the synthetic products, either when used orally, or topically.Useful remedies

When a remedy is used orally, by the consumption of it, this treatment is focused on removing the fats and toxins from the blood flow. For this purpose, the beneficial herbs should be added into the meals and the drinks should be made of them (teas). So, the consumption must be practiced on a daily basis, in order to achieve the best effect, that is, to cleanse the body from the inside, along with having a topical treatment from the outside.

When it comes to the topical use, that is applying the remedy onto the affected spots on the skin, there are various kinds of the beneficial remedies, in the forms of the teas for steaming the facial skin, oils, creams, masques (pastes), and so on. These are put on to remove the accumulated impurities, to reduce the swelling and to advance the process of the regeneration of certain spot.

First of all, treating the face with the use of steam from the teas that could be made of parsley, bergamot, patchouli, lavender, and the other scented herbs, is very beneficial, because the steam firstly opens the pores and then those basic herbal elements can have a successful antiseptic effect on the pimples.

Also, the cosmetic masques can be made at home. They can be based on various species of herbs, such as nettle, aloe, basil, horseradish, chamomile, and so on. Those thick masques should be put on the face not more than the three times per week, but, when we talk about a daily usage, the mixture that is very beneficial to be applied onto the facial skin is actually the tea made from the herb called astringent.

Other than the mentioned mixtures, the creams and oils can be made with the herbs, and they are meant to be put on the face on a daily basis. The creams are made in the similar way as the pastes (masques), but the basis is not the herb itself, but the mixture of lanolin, honey and the oil from almond, for example. To that base, the ground herb should be added and that mass should be cooked after that, for a third of an hour. As far as the oils are concerned, they are made from a herb in the dried form, which should be mixed with some other herbal oil.

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