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Head lice are ectoparasites that exist in human hair and can cause people who have them a great deal of ridicule and embarrassment, along with the itching of the scalp that occurs.

In some cases, people will only experience head lice infestations during some seasons of the year and be free of them in other seasons.

Lice can also damage the hair making the roots weaker and can eventually lead to hair loss as well.

In the most extreme cases, lice can also cause fevers and this is why it is very important to treat the problem quickly and effectively.

There are several home remedies that have been used for many years in treating the problems of hair lice.

One includes the use of extracts from the juice of an onion. Apply this onion juice to the scalp and then massage it lightly and slowly into the roots of the hair. Let the juice remain in the hair for about four hours. What is happening is the pungent sulfur content of the juice is actually killing the parasites in the hair. This should be performed for three days straight in order to achieve the desired results.

Another good home remedy consist of the use of raw custard apples, which should be ground into a powder with the seeds included. A fairly heavy-duty grinder will most likely be needed for this. Store the powder in an airtight container and apply it to the scalp before going to bed. It is also important to tie a cloth bandage around the head to keep the powder from falling off as the person sleeps.

It is also important to take a shower or have a bath in the morning to remove the lice.

Another helpful remedy includes taking six teaspoonfuls of clear water and two of vinegar, mixing them together and applying this to the hair overnight. This should be done twice a week for the best results and it is also good at keeping dandruff away.

Garlic cloves that are grounded and mixed with lemon juice are also effective for treatment of hair lice. The mixture should be massaged into the head before going to sleep. Wash the hair thoroughly in the morning in order to remove the dead lice from the hair. This process should be continued for about five days for the best results.

Some other good home remedies involve the use of extracted coconut oil or the ground seeds of a shareefa.

It is most important to practice good hygiene and to take baths and showers regularly. It is a good idea to apply oil to the hair after showering and it is recommended to refrain from wearing caps or hats regularly and sharing combs and hairbrushes.

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