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What is hickey?

Hickey is, actually, the common name for a temporary red spot or bruise on the skin, usually made by the act of sucking or biting. When it is located on the neck, it is also commonly known as the love bite, and it can be unsightly and cause some social problems in the individual’s life. Additionally, just like a bruise, it alternates its colors and it is the logical manifestation of the ruptured capillaries in that region. Also, just like a contusion or a bruise, it is not so dangerous health problem, and cannot lead to some unwanted complications.

Anyway, it will be eventually healed on its own, however, the process of the regeneration of the affected tissue could last up to several weeks. But, fortunately, there is a way to help in getting rid of this problem within a shorter period of time. Of course, the people with a hickey will try to remove the colored spot, which is the consequence of the bleeding from the ruptured blood vessels through the skin.How to deal with it effectively?

So, for encouraging the faster recovery process, first of all, the bruised spot should be treated with the ice pack, and it could be kept over that area for at least ten minutes. This treatment should be used as the first-aid remedy, since the coldness causes the blood vessels to shrink, thus minimizing the bleeding into the skin. Also, the immediate application of the ice pack will significantly prevent the swelling. However, for the best results, the cold treatment should be alternated with the warm treatment, which includes holding some fabric previously immersed into the warm water, over the affected mark, for the same time. This will encourage the better circulation of the blood.

It is also essentially important to attack the problem from the inside, as well as from the outside, with the beneficial remedies intended for the topical use. As far as the orally intended remedies are concerned, the most valuable are the vitamins (C, E and K), in the supplementary form. Of course, these vitamins can be used as the ingredients for the remedies that should be put directly over the hickey. In addition, the mineral zinc should be used as well, since it will make the spot lighter. And, the oil rich in the vitamin E is the best to be used as the massaging agent.

Apart from the remedies mentioned above, also very helpful are the following: hazel, the oils extracted from calendula and comfrey, the heated cabbage, the gel from arnica and the bandage soaked into vinegar.

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