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Vitiligo is known as a type of skin disorder which is presented in a form of pale white areas on the skin. It is, in fact, the condition of depigmentation, which means that in those areas there is a lack of pigment. Those cells of pigment are called melanocytes and their function is to produce melanin. And consequently, the lack of melanin causes the Vitiligo.

It is very persistent disorder, and it tends to spread on the skin. The most usual places on the body which can be covered with those whiter areas are fingers, face, neck, back and wrists. The people of dark skin are more likely to be affected by this condition.

Also the people who have not yet reached 20 years of age, as well as those who are older than 40, are prone to develop this condition. Nevertheless, very young children and very old people are rarely affected by Vitiligo.

Although Vitiligo can’t be cured totally, there are some methods that can slower down the process of its expansion. It is very stubborn condition, and, when it comes to the medical treatment, it is usually very complicated. So, since the home treatment provides the same effect, and it is easier to be conducted, it is highly recommendable.

As far as the home treatment is considered, along with the homemade remedies, very advisable is the intake of the following beneficial groceries: spinach, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cucumber and the similar vegetables.

The remedy which is the easier to make is to mash the papaya fruit. It should be put on the affected areas. The other remedy that should be applied is the wild duckweed and it is advisable to be rubbed onto the white spots.

Also, very beneficial are the pastes, and they are made by grinding the ingredients and adding a little bit of water into the powder. The pastes can be made either from the combination of turmeric and sesame seeds, or red clay and ginger juice.

And, finally, here are some remedies that are intended to be consumed. Very beneficial are the mixtures of red clay and ginger juice, or ginger juice with the seeds of Psorealea Coryliflora, and the mixture of Catechu and Indian Gooseberry.

But, the duckweed can be consumed, too. In that case, it is good to prepare the mixture of its powder and honey (in the same proportion) and to take a teaspoon of it two times a day. Besides that, one could make a tincture out of this herb, and it is made in more complicated way.

First of all, the duckweed should stay for a week in a half of a litre of vodka and then it should be filtered and diluted with a little bit of water. After that, it can be taken two times per day, but before eating.

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