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Obesity is nowadays considered as the significant health issue. All overweight people are prone to variety of health conditions. Apart from that most of them are not satisfied with their looks which leads to depression, isolation and further overeating. But not all the obese people tend to stay obese. There are those who are ready to try diets, exercise more and extreme cases of obesity are subjected to certain surgical procedures. In case that one has gained a few extra pounds there are some tips which may be helpful in weight reduction.

The essence of losing weight is well-balanced diet. Specific foods are good as they provide with important vitamins and minerals and they are not rich in calories. One who is dieting must pay attention to regular intake of vitamins and minerals and if day-to day diet does not include prescribed doses of these nutrients supplements must be taken.

Even though honey represents the pure source of sugar it is amazingly good at mobilizing fats within the body. It is best taken in the morning. One excellent combination includes honey and lemon juice. A teaspoon of this mixture may be taken twice a day. Honey may be added together with some milk into the mixture of roasted and grind barley seeds. This can be eaten for breakfast. Skimmed milk together with bran and honey is excellent energy source. One more combination with honey which is recommendable to be taken for at least a month includes juice of ten leaves of basil and two teaspoons of honey.

One may try juice diet within the period of five to seven days. Not only will the body be purified but the loss of weight will be evident too. The juices would include basically citric fruit such as lemon and orange. Still cabbage or pineapple juice may be good as well. After the juice diet the diet may continue with only fruit present on the menu. Ideal fruit would be papaya and pineapple. What follows next is slow introduction of grains and vegetables. The juice diet is not so appropriate for those who are practicing sports or exercise as in these cases increased intake of proteins and limited intake of fats and carbohydrates is required. Before dieting the best thing one should do is to visit a doctor who will allow dieting according to current health condition of the patient.

Vegetables excellent for weight loss include raw tomatoes, onions and cabbage. Each of these can be served in a form of salad. Cabbage is magical veggie as it restrains the conversion of carbohydrates into fats. Onion can be eaten together with grind mint leaves.

One more plant which is powerful in weight loss is Indian plum. It should be dipped into water and left over night. This water is then taken in the morning before any other food.

Out of all vitamins vitamin C is mighty at losing weight. Citric fruit is basic source of this vitamin.

There is one intriguing technique named after Horace Fletcher. He said that one should chew food for at least thirty times before swallowing. Not only will this help in better digestion, but it will also lead to earlier sensation of satiety and hence to reduced food consumption.

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