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Various types of rashes typically occurs when skin is in contact with the irritating substance. It can be some ingredient in pollutants in water and air, cosmetic products, herbs or swimming pools, etc. Some rashes are caused by viral infections while sometimes cause is unknown.

Urticaria is skin disorder that produces groups of itchy red swellings, grouped on the skin. it is caused by hypersensitive reactions to allergens (substances in the environment that causes allergic reactions). Animal dander, insect bytes or over sweating may be some of the causes of urticaria.

Although urticaria can affect anyone regardless of age and gender, there is a little cause to be worried. Although unpleasant and some times irritating, urticaria can be relatively easy cured, and there are some suggestions for home remedies that you can use, in order to help yourself. But in case any of those home remedies does not work you should consult your doctor.

Diet and prevention for urticaria

Any extreme weather temperature, like too much hot or cold should be avoided. Also you should try to eliminate any kind of stress factors from your life. In case that you own pet animals they should be properly vaccinated, in order for them to avoid giving someone allergic reactions. Also you should take care about dust, mites and air pollution in your living space. Insects, mites and flies should be avoided, too. Daily intake of vitamin C should be maintained, and you should adopt a balanced diet on daily basis, in order to keep your’s body immune system agile.

Kitchen home remedies for urticaria

Zinc oxide, Cold Witch hazel or Calamine lotion are only some of kitchen ingredients that you can use in order to relieve urticaria symptoms. Tartar cream, made in paste and applied on itchy areas of the skin can also be helpful. Other alkaline solutions, like Magnesia milk, can also be applied, and also the mixture of equal parts of baking soda and corn starch. A paste made of crushed leaves of Chickweed is also a very good home remedy. Tartar cream or Papaya paste mixed with water also relieves the urticaria symptoms.

Plant and flower home remedies for urticaria

Try the mixture of Echinacea roots, Calendula flowers, Chamomile flowers, and Yarrow flowers, together with baking soda, and add it to boiling water. The other mixture that you can try is to soak Marshmallow roots and Echinacea in heated water for about 5 minutes and then add Peppermint leafs, Chamomile flowers and Ginger rhizome in smaller quantities. After filter the water mixture, you can drink it in order to prevent future skin allergies.

Herbs home remedies for urticaria

There are several very available herbs that you can use to mix and drink tea from them, in order to fight urticaria problems. Some of them are Holy Basil, Cassia, Henna, Rauwolfa, Madhuka, Sandal wood and others. You can also try to make a paste from mixture of them. Either way, all of these herbs have excellent soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

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