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Liver is very useful organ in the body, because one of its main functions is cleaning the blood from toxins and other unwanted substances. This organ is irreplaceable, so when damaged it can lead to the problems of digestion system, such as fatigue and constipation, for example.

Even more serious conditions are related to the liver disorder, like cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice and the excessive enlargement of the liver (hepatomegaly). But, the total failure of its function causes very dangerous health problems, especially the ones of the blood and the digestion.

If one suffers from pain in the stomach, flatulence, and diarrhea, or even if having the problems while coughing breathing and with appetite, he or she must see the doctor immediately, because these are the signs of some liver disorder.

As far as the treatment is considered, the homemade remedies, herbs, diet and the Ayurvedic treatments (that consist of combining Turpeth and Picrorrhiza) are often recommended.

The homemade remedies are, in fact, various mixtures of the beneficial fruits and vegetables. For example, it is good to mix the spinach and the carrot juice, and also the papaya seeds juice with the lime juice. Of course, orange juice is a must, and it should be drunk at least once a day.

The diet actually must be the process of cleaning the liver from toxins. So, naturally, the fats must be avoided and the bitter veggies (such as garlic) must be consumed. And also good drinks for the detoxification are buttermilk and the milk from cow or goat.

When it comes to herbs, there are a lot of the beneficial ones for this condition. Especially when treating jaundice, the most frequently recommended are Picrorrhiza, Indian sorrel (which should be diluted in milk), Indian Aloe (also used to treat hepatomegaly), Henna (has the same effect as the one previously mentioned), and Berberis tree.

But, there are also the herbs which can cure the other liver problems, apart from jaundice. The most commonly recommended herb for the liver problems in general is Chicory, in fact, its juice. The juice can be made from root, seeds and flowers, and it is highly beneficial for liver because it encourages the creation of the bile.

When the roots of the herbs called Gokulakanta is mashed and mixed with water (60 grams of the powder and a half a litter of water) and cooked for 30 minutes, it is a good remedy for the disorders like hepatitis, jaundice and the other liver problems.

Also, Dandelion is very advisable because its juice helps to a lot of liver functions and in treating the liver disorders.

In this group of the highly beneficial herbs that are recommendable for treating the most of the liver-related conditions, are also included Trailing Eclipta and Turpeth.

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