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About the infection and the pain associated to it

The infection of the ear is the one of the infectious processes that comes along with one of the most unbearable pains. This most prominent indicator of the infection may as well be accompanied with the pain extended over the whole head and usually aggravated during the night time. This infection is not among the life-threatening ones, but, since the symptoms are very intense and acute, the condition should be treated right away after being noticed and, if it is possible, it is recommendable to prevent it. However, if left totally untreated, the unwanted consequences can eventually be the troubles with hearing and the complete hear loss.

So, the infectious and, therefore, the consequently inflammatory process, are usually triggered with the entrance of bacteria into the ear passages. The easiest way to catch the infection is by swimming at the public pools, as the result of suffering from a cold which increases the increased pressure into the passages, or by a trauma.

The most effective remedy

As far as the pain itself is concerned, there are a few types of it and each one should be treated the appropriate way. For example, if there is a thick discharge from the ear and the swelling is present, the condition shouldn’t be treated by the commonly used ear drops, but with the medications that kill bacteria and by putting the warm sterile cloth over the painful region. However, if the swelling isn’t reduced within one day, the medical attention should be sought immediately.

Nevertheless, when there is no increased secretion of the mucus from the affected ear, and the only indicator of the condition is rather constant and dull pain, it is normally alleviated by the drugs that minimize the pain. And, the most effective, concerning this matter, are Ibuprofen and Tylenol, since acetaminophen is their ingredient. Besides the therapy with the pain reducers, one mustn’t sleep on the side with the affected ear down to the bed, but in the opposite position. However, the essence of the treatment is the topically intended medication in the form of the special ear drops, which is based on the beneficial antiseptic agents. That way, by putting the drops directly into the ear, and all the way to the eardrum, there is the increased possibility of treating the infection and thus, lessening the pain, the quickest way possible.

When it comes to the homemade remedies, the warmed mixture of one ground garlic clove and the oil extracted from olive is the equally effective substitute for the ear drops mentioned above. Of course, for the best results, the treatment by putting the warm sterile clothes is always welcome.

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