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Cellulite is a disease of the modern age. This lumpysubstance can appear anywhere on the body, but it usually affects the stomach, thighsand hips. The market is flooded with all kinds of products that should be veryhelpful to remove this unwanted fat, but there are also some efficient homeremedies you could try.

What to Eat and Drink

People (women in particularly) suffering from the celluliteshould be careful what they eat and drink. Diet rich in fibers andlow in fats is proven to be the most efficient. Also, remember to eat plenty offruits and vegetables every day. Avoid alcohol, sodas and coffee and stopsmoking. All these can significantly increase your chances to fight cellulite. Alwaysremember to drink plenty of water, to hydrate your body, at least 8 glasses ofwater is a must.

Keep in mind that too much salt in your food can also meanmore cellulite, so avoid the extra salt. Saturated and hydrogenated fats shouldalso be banned.

Extra body fat can also cause cellulite. Because of that,try to maintain healthy weight, by eating healthy and exercising.

Natural Preparations for Cellulite

Add some rosemary and fennel essential oils to 3 spoons ofalmond (or any other carries, basic) oil. Rub this mixture on the parts of yourbody affected with cellulite every day and it should be gone after a while. Evenother essential oils are beneficial for cellulite. Try sandalwood, cinnamon,clove, lavender or chamomile and massage the cellulite areas. Juniper, cedarwood and patchouli are also beneficial.

You can also try some grapefruit juice, corn oil and driedthyme. This mixture is also claimed to be very helpful for cellulite.

Sea salt, added to the bath can also reduce the amount ofcellulite on your body. Use two cups of the sea salt and sit in the water forabout 20 minutes for best results.

Fresh grinded coffee, mixed with some hand lotion and rubbedinto the affected areas every day can also be good against cellulite. Exfoliationof the body is helpful. Use a soft body brush or any other cleansing tool orproducts and use it while bathing or showering. It can increase the circulationof blood on the problematic spots and reduce the cellulite.

Anti cellulite creams that contain kola nut, sweet clover,lemon, strawberries, fennel or ivy barley is proven to be able to help youwith cellulite, so, when buying some cellulite products, opt for these.

Physical Activity

Exercise is crucial when you want to get rid of thecellulite on your body. It will also help you maintain your normal weightand reduce the amount of fat on the body, which will eventually lead to less orno cellulite whatsoever. Choose the activity that will specifically target theproblematic area of your body, to get rid of the cellulite even faster.

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