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Aromatherapy oils can be used for various therapeutic purposes,besides providing a better mood and a nice smell. They can be used for massageon the areas affected by cellulite. No commercially made product can eliminatecellulite completely but the regular use of various types of treatments mayimprove the appearance of cellulite significantly. Aromatherapy cellulitemassages can be beneficial on many levels, because they also improve the skintone and the functioning of the circulatory system.

Essential Oils

Cellulite appears under the skin and it surely cannot beassociated with soft, smooth and beautiful skin that most women desire.Aromatherapy oils can be helpful with this annoying problem. They always have awonderful aroma which improves the mood, and, since they are completelynatural, they cannot be associated with the occurrence of any unwanted sideeffects.

There are basically three different types of aromatherapyessential oils which can be used for the treatment of cellulite. Those threeoils are rosemary, lavender and juniper. Juniper is known for its potentdiuretic properties so it is very efficient in draining the water from thebody, stimulating the flow of lymph and blood, improving the circulation, relievingthe swelling and reducing the puffiness. Since cellulite occurs due to theaccumulation of the fluids in the adipose tissues of the skin it is clear tosee how juniper essential oil may be of great help with this type of medicalcondition. Rosemary also has very powerful diuretic properties and it acts in asimilar way as the above described juniper oil. These oils may also addresscertain problems which are associated with microcirculation and the improperbalance of hormones. Lavender essentialoil has a wonderful, characteristic scent and is known for its ability torelieve stress and provide relaxation. It can be used for numerous purposes andit is perfectly safe for use even for pregnant women. It tones and revitalizes theskin very efficiently. All of these oils can be mixed with certain types ofcarrier oils so that they can be used for cellulite massage. Carrier oils arevery efficient in nourishing the skin and preventing the occurrence ofdermatitis and irritation. Lymphatic drainage is the most efficient type ofmassage that can be used for the treatment of cellulite. The most commonly usedtypes of carrier oils include jojoba, rosehip, grape seed and avocado, amongmany others which can also be used for these purposes.

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