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Cellulite is the name used for the well-known condition when the small amounts of fatty tissue appearbeneath the skin. Cellulite may appearin any part of the body, but most usually it appears in the thighs,lower legs, arms, though there are also cases when it is noticeable in chin and neck. As it is evidentand gives the skin the dimpled look, cellulite is one of the most disturbing andupsetting problems for women who care for the beauty and health of their skin. It typicallyoccurs more in women than in men, and even though many people think that it is associatedwith obesity, it is not true, because cellulite can appear even in underweightpeople.

Treatment ofcellulite

Cellulite can betreated in a variety of ways. One of the alternatives is the laser surgery orlaser treatment, together with deep skin massage and different medications andcreams. Another method to eliminate cellulite is the surgery that is moreinvasive and can be sometimes unsafe for the health and life of the person whoundertakes this procedure.

Home treatment of cellulite

Home treatment for cellulite is one of the mostharmless treatments and can be very effective. One must change lifestyle if he/she wants to have a healthy skin. This refers to the changingof diet in the first place. The diet must be healthy and high in vitamins,minerals and, especially, dietary enzyme bromelain. Furthermore, cleansing ofthe skin is also necessary.

By massaging the affectedarea with circular motions or brushing it with wash cloth, the circulation isimproved and toxins and metabolic wastes are easily eliminated. Dry brushing incirculate motions also improves the blood circulation and helps in reduction ofcellulite. One of the mosthelpful remedies for the reducing of cellulite is exercising, especiallycardiovascular exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming and aerobics. Furthermore,weight lifting and riding a bike may also help in reducing cellulite.

Another way toimprove the look of the skin is massage, and it is suggested that a trainedmassager does the massage. Owing to the massage, the lymphatic and bloodcirculations are improved and the skin gets better look because of thereduction of the fat. Moreover, coffeemay also help with cellulite. If a person rubs the affected skin areas withwarm coffee ground for 15 minutes, the cellulite will lessen gradually. What ismore, seaweed is similar to coffee. Seaweed must be placed on the problematicarea and left there for about 20 minutes. Intake of thelarge amount of distilled or mineral water every dayis excellent for cellulite. It is advisable not to eat salty foods because saltretains water. Furthermore, drinking coffee and alcohol are not recommendedbecause owing to that cellulite is more visible.

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