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What Do You Know about Cellulite?

Cellulite may seem to be the disease of the modern women,but in fact it’s not. This is not a medical condition or a disease and everyonewho thinks so is making a mistake. Also, it’s not new, either, because many womenand some men are experiencing such cosmetic problems for more than 150 years.

It’s important to differentiate the myths from solidscientific facts about cellulite. As mentioned, cellulite is not disease, butmerely variation of fat accumulated on certain parts and areas of the humanbody. When the body stores large amounts of fat it needs something to supportit. In this case this supporting system is made of collagen, which weavethrough that body fat and bonds it with the skin, thus creating the tension. Whatwe see as the orange peel or cottage cheese is actually the strain caused bycollagen fibers which are pulling our skin inwards. Cellulite is usuallylocated in the hips area, on the buttocks or on the thighs.

Root cause of cellulite was once thought to be the accumulationof toxins and water in the body, but scientist proved that’s not why ithappens. There is nothing toxic about cellulite, claim the researchers. Celluliteis only stored fat and nothing else, and nothing in the structure of this visuallyunpleasant fat is different than the fat in other areas of the human body. It’smore likely that cosmetic industry needs to spread the theory about the “toxic”cellulite, in order to benefit from numerous “detoxification” products andprocedures.

How Can One Treat Cellulite?

Some believe that low-fat diet is the only way to get rid ofthis excess fat stored as cellulite, but that’s not true. This type of dietmight be healthy but it won’t make cellulite go away. Surgery like liposuction isalso not the perfect solution for cellulite. It can cause many health risks andproblems, and it comes with a huge price tag.

What you need to resolve cellulite is proper diet,sufficient amount of fluids and proper exercise routine. Healthy eating habitsand regular physical activity will strengthen your body and improve themuscles, thus making the cellulite much less noticeable. Eat food rich infibers and drink plenty of water. Stay away from food with plenty of salt,because salt can cause retention of fluids and make your cellulite even worsethan it already is.

Also, there are plenty of anti-cellulite products availableon the market, usually in the forms of gels and creams. Many of them are advertisedas best products to eliminate the cellulite and clear the fat from your body.

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