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Constipation as a problem

This uncomfortable condition refers to infrequent bowel movement, as well as several other problems regarding evacuation of bowels. All this results in the accumulation of the toxins in the body, which sooner or later provokes malfunctioning of certain organs. There is a number of factors that cause this problem or contribute to its occurrence, and some of them are diet that is low in fiber, insufficient intake of fluids, irregular meals, swallowing of food that is not chewed completely, holding back stools and diseases such as diabetes, colitis, hyperacidity and others. Based on this, it is easy to conclude that some changes in the diet might be enough to cure this condition in many cases. However, besides these changes, as well as certain lifestyle changes (introducing physical activity, for example), some home remedies might also be helpful in relieving the problem in question.

Home remedies that have proven to be effective

Dry grapes that do not have seeds can be soaked in milk and boiled. The boiled milk should be drunk first, and then the grapes should be eaten. It is recommended to take this remedy at night. Another good remedy that can be made at home requires nothing else then soaking figs in water and eating them in the morning. A very small amount of Epsom salt dissolved in half a glass of water helps with constipation, as well as half a cup of olive oil, which is mixed with half a cup of orange juice. Fennel seeds are also known as beneficial and helpful in the treatment of many digestive problems, including constipation. It is enough to add several seeds to a glass of warm water and drink this before bedtime, and this is something that can be done regularly. The mixture of carrot and spinach juice is said to provide instant relief from constipation, while it is also recommended to drink a juice made of two oranges for 8 to 10 days first thing in the morning before eating anything. A glass of lemon juice with a pinch of salt is known as a home remedy that successfully treats every constipation, as well as two apples eaten every morning. The combination of almond oil and milk before bedtime is also a good way to control the constipation.

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