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What is Cellulite?

Explained very simply – cellulite is body fat. What lookslike orange skin are actually enlarged fat cells of the connective tissue. Womenare naturally more prone to body fat and that is why there are more women thanmen suffering from this rather aesthetic problem. Excess fat can be accumulatedon the stomach, buttocks or on the thighs so these are the areas womencomplain to be affected by cellulite.

Many doctors claim that a person can’t do anything about thecellulite and there is nothing helpful. Their patients, on the other hand, claimotherwise. Healthy lifestyle changes helped many women (and some unfortunatemen with this problem) to get rid or significantly decrease the visibility ofcellulite on their bodies. Proper hydration and super healthy diet are amongthe highest ranked advices for cellulite reduction. Stop smoking and use alcoholmoderately if you want to have the body without cellulite. Exercise regularly,maintain healthy ideal weight, build your muscle tone and you will see theimprovements of your cellulite.

Surgery is not the best option to get rid of cellulite. Firstof all this is extremely expensive. Then, the procedure itself is dangerous andthe results are only temporary fix for your problem.

How to Minimize Existing Cellulite?

Remember these simple rules if you want to forget how itlooks like to have cellulite. Probably the most important thing is to eathealthy. Remember, you should be eating for your health and your fitness, soavoid anything unhealthy. A healthy diet consists of food rich in fibers,plenty of proteins and very little saturated fats. You might also need somegood quality supplements, such as glucosamine and fish oil, proven to help withcellulite reduction.

Drink plenty of water and hydrate your body properly. It isoften said that 8 glasses of water is what your body needs, but you can takemore than that and it will positively affect detoxification of your body. Atthe same time, avoid alcohol and caffeine because they won’t do anything goodfor your cellulite.

Exercise and build the muscles. Aerobic and resistance exerciseswill do a world of good and keep you fit and toned. Proper physical activitywill enable achieving and maintaining healthy ideal weight which is also very important.Excess fat always makes cellulite more visible and you don’t want that.

Breathing techniques, proper rest and stretching will alsobe beneficial for cellulite reduction, as well as the massage of the parts ofthe body affected by this problem.

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