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Cellulite is a nightmare of many women. This condition is in fact characterized by the accumulation of fat in certain parts of the body, especially hips, thighs and stomach. It is recognizable by dimpled and creased appearance of the skin. Sometimes it is not visible until the skin is slightly pinched.

Cellulite affects men too, but it is certainly more common in women, and women seem to be more self-conscious about it. The reason for prevalence of cellulite in women over men lies probably in hormonal levels, especially estrogen.

Many women opt for surgical solutions for cellulite, mostly laser surgery. However, every surgery carries certain risks, so it is recommended to consider other possibilities for cellulite treatment, which are maybe slower, but eventually very effective.


One of the most effective and beneficial natural treatments against cellulite is massage. Regular and frequent massages using essential oils of rosemary or olive oil, with addition of fennel, strawberry and ivy, will minimize cellulite over time. One just needs to be persistent and to be careful to properly massage the area affected by cellulite. The best way to massage the skin is to apply pressure to the are using fingertips and to move in small circular motions. Regular massage stimulates circulation and this contributes to lymphatic drainage. Persons who want to get rid of cellulite should make these massages and essential part of their daily routine and over time the cellulite will completely subside.

Dry brushing

Dry brushing is another effective technique against cellulite. Cellulite is formed from the toxins accumulated under the skin, and if the skin is stimulated with a soft bristle brush, it will be cleared of those toxins. Dry brushing removes dead skin cells, opens the pores allowing drainage, promotes circulation and even boosts the immune system. For all these reasons, dry brushing is highly recommended to those who wish to eliminate cellulite.

Coffee grounds

There has been much talk lately about the positive effects of coffee grounds against cellulite. People who have tried it swear on their effectiveness. In this treatment, one cup of coffee grounds is used for massaging the thigh, hips and stomach in a circular motion. For best results, the massage should be performed every day after showering and scrubbing the skin in order to open the pores.

Exercise and diet

Of course, all these methods cannot be completely effective without dietary changes and moderate exercise. Foods that contain fats and sugars in high amount, fast food, deep fried foods, sodas and sugary snacks should be avoided. Also, joining a gym and doing regular cardio exercise and weight training will help get rid of the fats in the body, it will stimulate circulation of blood and improve the immune system. All this is required in order to eliminate the cellulite effectively.

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