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A few words about cellulite

One of the major aesthetic problems nowadays is the one of having the unsightly portions of the cellulite on certain parts of the body. It can be recognized if the amount of the flash is squeezed and if it is of somewhat dimpled appearance, resembling of the orange skin. This uneven surface is due to the changed composition of the fat cells under the skin, which are enclosed in little pockets and trapped, and figure as the deposits of the fat within fibrous connective tissue. However, cellulite is most likely to appear on the outer parts of the thighs, but it as well can be located on the belly, buttocks and some other parts of the body.

Nevertheless, it is emphasized all the time that the cellulite is almost impossible to be treated, since it is very stubborn condition and having in mind the unhealthy lifestyles the majority of the people lead. But, it is possible to remove it, and the best treatment is the one which is focused on toning the muscles of the thighs and making the surface of the skin continuous and even. So, the best thing to do is to attack the problem from the inside as well from the outside so, of course, the carefully balanced dietary regime must be combined with regular anti-cellulite massages and the regular workouts.

The best treatment

The eating regime should consist of the unprocessed and organic foods, such as the fruit and vegetables in the raw form. The saturated fats and the refined sugars should be avoided, and one should significantly increase the intake of water, in order to flush away the toxins from the organism. It is good to avoid all the foods which are hardly digested and which tend to accumulate into the organism. So, when it comes to the detoxification very beneficial are the natural treatments such as aromatherapy and the anti-cellulite massages done with the essential oils extracted from sage, cypress and juniper.

Before considering this kind of the treatment, it is good to consult the dermatologist, since there are the 3 grades of the cellulite, meaning that it can, in the worst case, affect the tissue really deeply. Very helpful are the creams and ointments the dermatologists could describe, which are mostly focused on improving the blood flow through that area, since they are updated with the newest researches considering the successful removal of the cellulite.

Finally, it is important to mention the most popular cellulite treatments, and they are the surgery (still considered as involving a lot of risks), the mesotherapy (performed with special needles) and the treatment with the cosmetic products (usually don’t help on the longer run).

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