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Both Tasty and Healthy
As is already known, people just cannot keep their hands off of delicious and appealing snacks, even though they are aware of how unhealthy those snacks are. Such food and snacks as candy, potato chips, cookies, as well as Coca-Cola when you get thirsty, may be appealing at particular moments, but on the other hand, and in a longer run, it actually contributes to piling up of unhealthy substances. In order for you not to feel despair after you have indulged in the above mentioned treats, do yourself a huge favor and indulge in snacks that are more health beneficial and still as tasty as those “bad” ones.
Snack Healthy
Among the snacks healthy and beneficial come those such as:
Nuts are probably the best there is when a person has an incessant need for something salty. So instead of having your head inside the potato chips bag, put it in a handful of peanuts, or almonds and cashews. Not only will you get that needed daily protein dose, but you will also add up to the overall energy levels of your body. Though, they may be a bit “richer” in calories, if taken in moderate quantities, they can serve as an excellent nutritious snack and to certain extent have a positive influence on person’s life expectancy.Popcorn is already a favorite among many people, but in order to make them perfectly health and beneficial, you do not opt for the proper kind. This means that you should always go for the kind that is only mildly buttered and is packed in small bags. One of the fairly good solutions is the “Balance Light Butter” variety, since it is trans-fats free and rich in fiber. The second bit goes for popcorn in general.Kashi Granola Bars is a brand that is a personal favorite of many. One of the reasons for this is because they produce a lot of tasty foods, which are beneficial as well. Among the all time favorites certainly are cherry dark chocolate granola bars – a superb substitute for otherwise pretty unhealthy candy bars. Their biggest benefit lies in the fact that they are rich in proteins and fibers.Kashi Cookies – in case your body, and most of all you, scream for something cookie-like, then a perfect healthy substitute would be Kashi’s dark chocolate cookie made of oatmeal. Its ingredients include no less than seven blends of whole grain, which certainly makes it one of the most healthy cookies on the market, not to mention that its taste is really top notch.

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