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Three meals a day is usually the recommended allowance for our daily food intake. Aside from the meals, more often than not we like to snack throughout the day, whether it is mid morning, afternoon or in the evening. The problem is, adults generally don’t know what snacks to have so they usually resort to having a piece of fruit of a bag of crisps. Snacks are important as they increase our metabolism, we need this because most of the time people don’t get all the nutrients their bodies require out of the three meals. Snacks don’t have to be the vending machine down the corridor, there are some wonderfully tasty and healthy options for you to try.

Vegetable and Fruit -Healthy Snacks for Adults

Vegetables and a dip are very popular and can be quite fun with all the inventive dips you can make. You don’t really need to do any preparation other than slice up your favorite vegetables into sticks and choose a dip that is tasty and high in calories. If you’re not keen on that idea then try a bowl of grapes or strawberries.Sandwiches and Yogurt -Healthy Snacks for Adults

Sandwiches are very popular because they are so varied, make sure you choose a whole grain bread for your sandwich as it will give you the fiber your body needs. As far as the filling is concerned, the finest filling is cucumber and tomato but there is also chicken or ham that is also high in protein. If you are going to use a spread like mayonnaise then use it in a small amount. By eating a low fat yogurt as a mid day snack you will be packing your body full of those much required nutrients. There is a wide range of choice of flavors and you can even use a yogurt as a smoothie.

Popcorn and Nuts -Healthy Snacks for Adults

Popcorn is a great snack as it is low in calories, low in fat and has no sugar. Popcorn had a bad name as people believed it was unhealthy, there are healthier popcorn options for instance some microwavable popcorn can contain a large amount of salt. So, just make sure you read the label prior to buying and then you can enjoy. The majority of nuts have a high content of protein and are a compact snack to carry in your handbag. At home you can sprinkle black pepper over them and cook them in the oven for fifteen minutes.

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