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Apple is round, red, delicious and healthy fruit. Apples are good for snack or you can add it to any meal. It is considered that apples, garlic, asparagus and cranberries are not only but also they are herb. These fruits are also herbs because of their healing properties. They can prevent several types of diseases. However, you should not give children apples to treat illness. If your child is sick you need to take it to paediatrician or the doctor.

There is a saying “An apple a day will keep the doctor away”. Children should eat four to six fruit servings a day. These fruit servings can contain apples. Children can eat apple two or three times a day and it will be very healthy for kids to take apples. Eating two or three times a day apple your child will have health benefits of apples.

Apples are very important to use them in your child’s diet because they naturally balance blood sugar levels. Apples are good for preventing diabetes. If your children have high or low blood sugar levels in healthy and safe range you can give them to eat apples. Apples will normalize child’s blood sugar level. Of course, if sugar level is too high or too low you need to ask for medical help.

The health benefit of apples is that they prevent constipation or can help to your kids to treat constipation. If your child has severe constipation you need to consult the doctor or paediatrician. Apples are good for kids who have constipation by too much pasta or cheese. Your children can eat apple a day to help their bowels moving properly.

Also, apples are good to prevent diarrhea or to help in diarrhea treatment. Diarrhea is runny or loose stools. It is often caused by eating processed foods or drinking too much juice. In these cases apples can be very helpful. Also, diarrhea can be caused by ailments. In this case, apples can help to your child to treat diarrhea but first you need to consult the doctor. Do not give to your child home remedies by yourself. One apple or two apples a day can prevent your child’s diarrhea.

One more health benefit of apples is that they make your child happy and full. Children like when their bellies are full on top. Apples are very delicious and your child will eat them with joy. When your child is happy and full this also benefit for you. You can have some piece and quiet for yourself.

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