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Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is not always easy in modern day families. Many people have troubles just trying to fit three healthy meals in a day, so snacks have became a way to integrate some essential vitamins and minerals into the diet and if they are healthy snacks, not junk food, that is actually a good thing. Planning the meals and snacks is important for every person, but even more for children. Snacks should made up of healthy food like, fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. There are also options when it comes to healthy drinks, like water, juices or soy milk.

Breads and biscuits are not good for your child, because those you buy at your supermarket usually contain artificial flavors, sugar and plenty of salt. Snacks should provide important nutrients, not just extra calories for your growing child, because obesity has become an issue among children. Low calories snacks and fruits are much better options, and your child will be healthier with that choice.

What Are Healthy Snacks for Kids?

Pack your child some apples, bananas, watermelon, grapes, oranges or strawberries and you can rest assured you haven’t made any mistake, because fresh fruits are always good snack food. Sometimes, fruits canned in water can also be a good option, as well as some dried fruits, such as prunes and raisins. However, keep in mind that your kid might need to brush the teeth after eating these sticky fruits, so pack him or her some floss.

Raw vegetables with low fat dressings or dips are also great snacks for kids; like celery, broccoli and carrots.

As we already mentioned, water, or 100% fruit juices will always make an excellent addition to snacks. Low fat cheeses, yogurts or smoothies made at home can also be the part of the snack. If your child loves popsicles, make some at home (with 100% fruit juice) and give him or her as a snack.

Nuts and trail mix can be used in some occasions as snacks. Keep in mind that these snacks are very high in calories and fats, so limit the amount of these snacks to one serving and only serve it occasionally.

Whole grain snacks, such as breakfast cereals, crackers or pretzels are other option you might consider as a healthy snack. Cereal bars, baked chips of popcorns without butter can also make a good snack.

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