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The importance of snacks in children’s lives

Children tend to be attracted to the delicious, but not a veryhealthy snacks made of processed foods. And while they do not have to avoid themat all costs, it is recommended for them to have more healthy and naturalsnacks regularly, not only because they will provide them with nutritionalvalues required to grow up and develop properly, but also because they will bequite useful to them in the long run, preserving them from dangerous conditionslike heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Recommended snacks for children

First and foremost, the snacks which bring most benefits tochildren’s health are fruits and vegetables and they are recommended to be consumedas frequently as possible. Also, the more various kinds of fruits andvegetables are introduced to the children’s diets, the more different vitaminswill they obtain and their positive effects will help improve different bodilyfunctions and strengthen the immune system in general. Finally, fruits andvegetables can be served in different forms. For example, fruit forms vary from fresh ones, or frozen, canned or dried fruits, and juices, whilevegetables can also be consumed fresh, with dressings or in the form of salads.

Another healthy snack are healthy grains, which means thatthey are low on sugar and fats. They are best served whole, as that is the waythey preserve most of their original fibers, vitamins and minerals. Wholegrains are obtained in a variety of tasty snacks which children usually likeand eat frequently, such as English muffins, breakfast cereal, rice cakes, bothtortilla and tortilla chips, cereal bars, breadsticks. One thing to make sureof before buying these whole grains is that they have a low content of sugarand saturated fats, as that may not always be the case.

What children also love and consume daily are dairy foods.However, even though they are very healthy and always welcome in children’sdiets, sometimes too much dairy foods can cause damage to their bones andheart. The way to deal with this issue is to make sure that all dairy foods thechild consumes are low-fat. Foods like cheeses, yogurt and pudding should below-fat.

As for beverages, the best and the healthiest beverage ofall for children is water. After water comes milk, which brings tremendousbenefits to children’s health thanks to the amounts of calcium and vitamin D itcontains, but parents should still make sure that they children drink low-fator even fat-free milk because of the potential damage it can cause to theheart.

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