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Taking a closer look to this problem

The problem of the progressive teeth damaging is very common problem, having in mind that it is usually caused by the improper dental hygiene a lot of people follow nowadays. It could be said, that, besides, all the other possible health problems, the teeth tend to be neglected and it could be very dangerous, mostly because the advanced decay of the tooth’s quality and the process of the gradual and progressive damaging, if not treated, could easily pass on to the gum and the nearby tissues, not to mention that one of the most common negative consequences of this problem is the permanent loss of the teeth.

So, when we talk about the damaged quality of the teeth, it is the problem which is in the most of the cases, the consequence of the bacteria making the cavity in the tooth, and the most usual trigger is the bacteria called streptococcus. The problem, then, could only go worse.

The beneficial herbs

Anyway, it is important to know that there are not only a lot of the medical products, but also a lot of the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs which are very successful in dealing with this problem. It is also good to emphasize that those herbal remedies had been the basis of the dental care before the synthetic toothpastes and the other products were invented. This fact is mentioned here because it appoints to the effectiveness of these remedies, and, it could be concluded, logically, that these remedies are based on the herbs that are rich in the agents and substances which annihilate the bacteria. Additionally, the most important ingredient has always been the chemical called fluoride.

So, the green tea contains the high level of the mentioned beneficial chemical, and, in order to treat and prevent the damage to the quality of the teeth, about 2 l of this tea should be drunk per day. Additionally, some licorice should be added to the tea, instead of the harmful sugar, since this herb is also very powerful and successful in killing the bacteria. Or, for the same purpose, the herb called bay leaf could be combined with the substance called 1,8-cineole, in order to achieve both, the prevention of the damage to the tooth’s quality and the annihilation of the bacteria.

As far as the quality of the teeth is concerned, the herbs which are beneficial for it are the bloodroot (removes the plaque and preserves the quality of the gum, too), Stevia rebaudiana (also could be consumed instead of sugar), wild bergamot (rich in the antiseptic agents and preserves the teeth as well), chaparral (for the best results, the tea made from this herb should be used as the agent for the irrigation of the mouth) and myrrh (also effective in killing germs and in dealing with halitosis, and should be used for the irrigation).

However, in the case of the pain in the teeth, the recommended herb is Zantoxylum americanum, which is also called the toothache tree.

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