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Tooth decay is a condition in which the bacteria in the mouth produce certain types of acids that damage the tooth and make cavities and dental caries. It can be a very severe condition if not treated properly because it may lead to various types of infections, it can cause pain and even tooth loss. In order to prevent the tooth decay from occurring one should brush and floss the teeth on a regular basis, visit the dentist for checkups and teeth cleaning and avoid all types of food that are abundant in sugar.

When the bacteria get combined with certain types of foods it causes tooth decay. Dental plaque is a sticky, clear substance that gets formed on the gums and the teeth and it contains bacteria that feed on the sugars that come from the ingested food. As a product of feeding on sugar, the bacteria make certain types of acids that attack the teeth and destroy the tooth enamel. As a final result of the whole process, the tooth decay gets developed.

Tooth decay does not have any symptoms on its own but after a while it results in tooth cavities or tooth infections. Those conditions are easily recognizable by toothache. A dentist while diagnose tooth decay by carefully tracing one’s previous medical and dental problems and the way those were treated. The dentist examines the teeth using a small mirror and a pointed tool, and sometimes one must x-ray the mouth and the teeth in order to be properly diagnosed. The proper treatment of tooth decay pretty much depends on its severity. Slight decay can be sometimes reversed by using fluoride. Mild tooth decay causes cavities and the dentist usually fills them with a specific substance. Severe types of tooth decay usually require a root canal or a crown. Extreme cases of tooth decay can only be cured by removing the tooth.

There are certain home remedies that can help in preventing and curing tooth decay. Regular brushing of the teeth is the first and most important measure of precaution. Regular flossing is also very beneficial. In order to relieve pain caused by tooth decay one could place a mixture of garlic and salt on the decaying tooth. Chewing onions can be helpful in relieving the pain and killing the harmful bacteria. Lime can also come in handy in preventing the tooth decay, bleeding gums and teeth and loss of teeth. Clove oil can also be helpful in relieving the pain and prevent the decay. Rubbing an ice cube over the gums can help relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. Vanilla extract also brings instant pain relief.

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