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Taking a closer look to this problem

The blockage of the stool, or as it is medically called, the constipation, is one of the most common troubles associated with the digestive system. No wonder there are a lot of the available methods and both, the synthetic medications and the homemade remedies for dealing with this problem, especially if we have in mind how troublesome it may become if it is not treated right away after being noticed.

So, as mentioned above, very beneficial for this kind of problem, and for all the digestive system as well, are the treatments focused on the use of the natural remedies. The homemade, homeopathic and the domestic treatments, if taken in appropriate quantities, do not provide the possible negative following effects, unlike the artificial medications, such as, for example, the popular laxatives, used for the same purpose, that is, to encourage the more frequent bowel movements and to make the stool less hard.

The thing about the appropriate doses is emphasized because almost all the natural remedies are based on the beneficial herbs. And, some of those herbs are rich in the toxic agents, which may cause the damage to the organism and should be taken carefully. Therefore, it is essentially important to learn which herbs are potentially dangerous and here is the list of the herbs which are most commonly used for this kind of the problem.

The toxic herbs as laxatives

So, one of such the herbs is the root from the Pokeberry, which is largely used in the famous Chinese and American medicines as the popular folk remedy for getting rid of the stool blockage. This plant is used both, as the topically and the orally taken remedy, and the topical use consists of the application of the root in the form of the powder directly over the anal opening area, and it is very useful in the case of the older population.

Another very popular plant, concerning this matter, is the Alder Buckthorn, or, to be more precise, its bark. It is the most effective in the case of the chronic blockage of the stool, and it is usually consumed orally. The first symptoms of taking too much of it are the urge for throwing up and the cramps.

Also, very frequently used is the herb called the Chinese Rhubarb and the poisoning from it has the same indicators as in the case of taking the herb which is mentioned previously. Very useful is also the poisonous herb called Cascara Sagrada which is even included as the main ingredient of some medications for dealing with the blockage, which could be found in pharmacies.

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