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Acne are one of most common skin problem nowadays, and there are a lot types of them. However, they are divided in two large groups; they can be open comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and closed comedones (pimples). Also, they are very likely to appear in the period of puberty, but they could affect the adult individuals, as well. And, although the facial skin is the usual place of their occurrence, they can be noticed on the other parts of the body which are covered in hair follicles.

Besides using any of the numerous cosmetic products, the treatment can be conducted with the use of the natural homeopathic remedies, which can be in the form of certain mixtures, oils, ointments, lotions, solutions, pastes or creams, and those remedies are intended for both, the topical use and the oral intake.The most popular homeopathic remedies

Those kinds of the remedies must be used carefully, since in the healthy individuals and if their usage is excessive, they provide certain contraindications. For example, the abnormal use of the nettle leaves causes itching and burns, but if the use is moderate and balanced, this herb is very beneficial for the removal of acne because it contains a lot of antiseptic and antibacterial agents. So, nettle can be used either, as the supplement, or as the tea that should be consumed on a daily basis. The tea is made from the leaves which should be cooked.

Nevertheless, as far as the remedies that should be put directly onto the affected spots are concerned, one of the most effective is the gel extracted from the aloe vera’s leaves (of course, the latex must be drawn off). This gel is very beneficial also for another purposes, so the good advice is to store it in the fridge, keeping it away from the contact with air.

Besides this herb, one of the top 5 herbs for dealing with acne is the tea tree, actually the oil extracted from it, because it consists of the high concentration of the antibacterial agents.

For the topical use, very beneficial nutrient is zinc, but it is not recommended in the cases of the open wounds, mostly because the abnormal quantity of zinc provokes the weaker immunity, the disrupted absorption of some other minerals and some coronary and heart-related disorders.

And finally, here is the tip how to make the mixture that successfully removes the acne; the homogenous mixture of the lemon juice and the juice from the squeezed rose in the same proportions should be put on the face and kept for about one third of an hour. But, after this treatment, one should stay away from the sun rays for some time.

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