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Although nowadays, there are a lot of the strict standards considering the issue of looking beautiful and although many women and men are relied on the artificial enhancers of looks, one of the most permanent facts, since the dawn of the time, is that the natural appearance is the best appearance there is. That is mostly because the natural look is, in fact, the healthy look. That is the reason why the athletic look is attractive and the clear skin which doesn’t need much makeup is appreciated as well, for example. And, additionally, considering more holistic approach, it could be not only said, but it is also confirmed, that the mental and emotional health leads to the best appearance.

Using the herbal remedies for the good looks also is very popular and much older choice for the improvement of the health and beauty than the modern cosmetics and medicine. That is, the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs are much healthier to use because they are almost always free from the possible negative side effects, unlike the synthetic products. The herbal remedies

When it comes to the treatment of the skin, since it is the most prominent thing on the body, the problems of it were healed with simply squeezed roots, leaves and stems of the beneficial herbs, in the ancient times. Besides that, the essential oils could be extracted from some of the herbs, and the tinctures could be made from them, all for the topical use over the skin.

However, the most important effect the herbs could provide is the detoxification and the supplying the organism with enough of the healthy nutrients, which has the healthy skin as the result. So, generally for the healthy look of the hair, skin and even eyes, Chamomile is one of the best options, since it is focused on nourishing the skin cells, besides the already well-known effect of suppressing the inflammatory process, of calming down, and of the antiseptic properties. Similarly, for the overall healthy looks, but mainly focused on maintaining the skin and hair healthy, are the remedies based on the Rosemary. It simply makes the skin and hair cells more vigorous and that is why the best effect in preventing the loss of hair is obtained when the scalp is massaged with the oil extracted from this herb.

As far as the blemishes, lesions and scars on the skin are concerned, very effective are the following herbs: Aloe Vera (especially for the regeneration of the epidermis), Primrose (calms down the itch and inflammation of the skin and locks up the humidity into it), Basil (mostly used for the removal of the pigmented scars and for cleansing the facial skin), Neem (successfully deals with acne, and the other infectious and inflammatory processes on the skin), Tumeric (annihilates bacteria), Seaweed (rich in the cleansing agents) and Chandan (suitable for both; the oral and topical use).

And, when it comes to the quality of hair, very beneficial are the Neem, which sweeps off the dandruff and the herb called Henna. There is one very beneficial hair mask, based on Henna, to which should be added the white part from one egg.

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