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The cuts are an one of the most common and the less severe injuries. But, since they are considered as the open wounds, it is essential to react right away and provide the fast care to such a wound. That is, the intervention must include the cleansing or the irrigation of the wound and, after that, the remedies that are focused on regeneration, or to be more precise, on the epithelisation, can be applied onto the cut.How to deal a cut the natural way?

So, the cuts are most commonly the consequences of the forceful scratches, of the stabbing and piercing movement, or of some slicing-like attack with a sharp object. Any of the sharp objects can injure the skin this way, but the biggest problem is that those objects are never sterile and, thus, inevitably lead to the infectious process, that should be treated as soon as possible, and the medical attention should be sought. Also, the doctor should be consulted if the wound is somewhat deeper.

However, some milder cuts can be treated naturally, that is by the homemade remedies which are based on the herbs that contain the high concentrations of the antibacterial and the antiseptic agents. So, these remedies are made to be applied directly onto the wound and they are very effective in lessening the most prominent symptoms, such as redness, swelling, itching and, of course, the pain. But, the most useful quality is the one of enabling the process of the regeneration, as already mentioned. And, if put on right away, they can totally prevent the infection.

For example, the oil extracted from lavender at the same time stops the infection and encourages the epithelisation. Also, the oil from the tea tree is already well-known for its useful antiseptic characteristics, but, it promises the minimal size of the scar as well.

Besides these oils, some herbs are better to be prepared as the medical solutions (based on alcohol, the essences) diluted in water. Those are Echinacea, myrrh and marigold, and they are intended to be applied topically onto the affected spots, too.

So, after providing the proper care which is described above, the wound must be wrapped with the sterile flexible strip or with adhesive plaster, that should be substituted with the new ones every couple of hours. Beneath those, the gel extracted from aloe vera can be put on the cut.

And, finally, here are some beneficial additional substances which are meant to be consumed by mouth; the vitamins E and A, bromelain (the enzyme), and the other enhancers of the immunity.

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