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Dermatitis and how to deal with it the natural way

Among the most frequent skin problems is the disease, medically called dermatitis, which is, actually, the inflammation of the skin. There are a lot of the available synthetic medications which the dermatologists usually prescribe when it comes to this disease. However, it is even more recommendable to use the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs for this and the other skin problems, since the herbal remedies very rarely provide the possible negative side effects.

So, the most popular remedy for the condition of the inflamed skin is the one based on the herb called sarsaparilla, especially if suffering from psoriasis (which is the chronic skin problem manifested as the red patches and the scaling of the skin), because this herb is rich in chemicals which cleanse the blood from toxins and cause the cessation of creating the polyamines in the organism. The reduction of the level of these harmful substances can be also achieved by the use of the herbs berberine, bitter melon and psyllium. Boosting the immunity and taking care of the liver

Nevertheless, psoriasis can be also treated by boosting the immunity and improving the liver functions; and that could be achieved by the use of the herbs bupleurum, the root of burdock, gotu kola (which is also very successful in speeding up the process of regeneration), salve (also beneficial for the healing processes), the herb called pau d’arco and milk thistle. The root of licorice is also effective in dealing with the mentioned skin problems, but it, additionally, solves the problems of the emotional stress and the allergic reactions.

At this point, it is important to emphasize that the emotional stress and pressure are tightly associated to the skin problems. And the diseases of the skin usually appear as the consequence of the stress.

Gamma linoleic acid is the substance which is equally effective in dealing with dermatitis and the following symptoms of this condition (mostly irritations) and it can be found in the oil extracted from the evening primrose.

So, one of the most popular remedies from this group is the tea which is used for lessening the inflammatory process of the skin, and which is made by soaking little bit of the roots of licorice, burdock, sarsaparilla, bupleurum, and pau d’arco in the same quantities. These herbs should be kept in the boiled water for 20 minutes and the amount of the 2 dl of this tea should be drunk at least three times per day.

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