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Having a healthy and youthful skin is the one of the musts of the modern concept of the health, beauty, wellness and well-being nowadays. Fortunately, there are a lot of the cosmetic products available on the marked for the rejuvenation of the skin, and the skin care products, but, unfortunately, they are not all very healthy, since they are based on the artificial and synthetic substances. The relief is that lately the natural treatments for the skin care based on the beneficial herbs, as the alternative treatment has becoming more and more popular.

The beneficial herbs

First of all, there should be pointed out the one multifunctional herb, which can be, on the other hand, also very easily cultivated, and that is Chamomile. This herb is already well known for its powerful agents that annihilate microbes and that reduce the inflammations, and that is why it is widely used for curing the skin irritations such as eczema, rash and psoriasis, for instance.

In the case of the acne problem, they are cured by the use of the herbs which are mainly focused on decreasing the abnormal production of the oil in the skin, and the most effective for this purpose are red clover, lemon extract, sage, lavender, the leaf from the strawberry, the oil extracted from the tea tree (it is better to be made milder, by adding a little bit of water to it), and tansy. These herbs in the form of the liquid essence or tincture should be applied over the affected area by the use of the sterile pad which is immersed previously into the liquid.

When it comes to the rejuvenation of the skin, the treatment is based on the herbs which are effective in providing enough moisture to it and which nourish the skin with the agents that encourage the better elasticity of the skin. One of the most successful remedies of such a kind is the oil extracted from almond, which should be put on the skin right after taking shower, so that the humidity could be locked up into the skin. Similarly, in the case of the visible wrinkles, the enough of the vitamin C and, hence more of the collagen, should be provided to the skin.

As far as the very common bacterial infection called Anthrax (the cutaneous one is the type that affects the skin) is concerned, this condition is to be solved also with the use of the herbal remedies. The dark patches and the blister-like formations on the surface of the skin are the most prominent symptoms of this disease. However, treating the cause is the key, so the medications and herbs that annihilate bacteria should go hand in hand.

And, one very effective remedy is the following: the lavender, sage, rue, peppermint, rosemary, and wormwood in the dried form and in the equal proportions (of one tbsp.) should be mixed with three cloves of garlic and three dl of the cider vinegar. After preparing this mixture, it should be kept for 14 days and then taken used orally or topically.

And, finally, those beneficial herbs could be used as the steaming agents, when prepared as the teas, which is highly valuable for detoxification, cleansing, the better blood flow and for widening the pores of the skin.

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