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The problem of alopecia

The permanent hair loss, which in the majority of the cases, affects the male population, and which is medically referred to as alopecia, is one of the most prominent problems of the elderly people. But, the female population can also suffer from this problem, which actually figures as the normal course of life, but it reminds people about the inevitability of death.

But, fortunately, there are a lot of the available cosmetic products on the market for dealing with this problem, and, more importantly, also a lot of the natural solutions to this problem. The natural solutions are based on the use of the homemade remedies made on the basis f the beneficial herbs, and on the supplementation by useful substances. And, they are always much better choice, instead of wearing a wig or undergo a costly transplantation of the hair.The most beneficial herbal remedies

So, the key to the cessation of the progressive loss of the hair is in normalizing the production of the hormones which are in charge of the hairs. For example, the plant palmetto is very useful for that purpose, and it should be consumed in the form of the tincture or extract, on a daily basis.

Also, the enlargement of the prostate in the combination with disrupted balance of the secretion of testosterone, interferes with the normal life of the hair, and the normal nourishment of the hair roots. Unfortunately, the natural remedies cannot cease this process completely, but they can slow it down significantly. For example, one of the most effective remedies is the one based on the oil extracted from olive, to which the extract of rosemary is added. This solution is to be applied onto the scalp by massaging it, and that is the process of, actually, feeding the hair roots and the follicles from the outside.

Since, the massage is very beneficial for encouraging better blood flow in the scalp, Aloe Vera should be put on that way, too, and this routine will provide the protection from the sun rays and the wind, which could speed up the process of the loss of the hair. Besides these, nettle is as well beneficial for the hair, and it can be used both ways, by the oral consumption and as the topical remedy. When used in form of the tea, it will be more beneficial for the quality of the hair, but when put on directly over the scalp in the form of the essence, it will encourage the growth of hair.

Nevertheless, as important is the good circulation of the blood in the scalp and in the area of the hair follicles, and the famous herb ginkgo biloba solves this problem successfully.

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