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A sparkling smile has become the imperative of modern age, which is why a various techniques of teeth whitening and bleaching are now available to eliminate stains and plaque and get healthy-looking teeth. Improper dental hygiene and unhealthy eating and drinking habits are the main reasons for tooth decay and yellow appearance of teeth. Alcohol, cigarettes, tea and coffee are the main enemies of white teeth if consumed excessively. Other factors that contribute to the discoloration of teeth include changes in the metabolism due to aging, emotional shock and physical damage, as well as infections, climactic conditions and the excess use of antibiotics. Sometimes, genes are to be blamed for this problem.

When teeth change color it means there is some problem therein. The teeth marked with yellow, gray, brown or black stains, call for a whitening treatment, but white strips in the teeth indicating high content of fluorine are also considered unattractive. Although chemical whitening products guarantee a sparkling white smile, they only give short-term results and cause tooth damage. Homemade treatment proved just as effective without the usual side-effects, and mild irritation of the gums is the only discomfort that might be experienced. Some of the most effective ones for getting rid of stains, plaque and bacteria are either a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and a pinch of table salt, or a mixture of baking soda with iodine salt.

Basal leaves mixed with dry rinds of an orange can be used as teeth cleaning and whitening powder, as well as an herb called sage (salvia). All it takes is to brush the stained teeth with this natural whitener. The inner side of orange rind can be rubbed on the teeth to achieve a healthy-looking smile in one week. Crushed walnut is another effective cleaner. Tooth whitening paste can be made by grinding 2-3 strawberries. To prevent discoloring of teeth it is important to eat food rich in iron and calcium. Guava, apple, sugarcane, sprouts and cucumber fruits also promote healthy teeth appearance. Green and fiber-rich vegetables get rid of bacteria and keep the teeth white. Note that citrus lemon can damage the teeth, so it is not recommended for use in teeth whitening. Water helps remove plaque from the teeth, so it is important to take it in proper amounts. Inborn stains and artificial teeth are resistant to teeth whitening and bleaching. Finally, it is essential to maintain good dental hygiene by properly brushing the teeth in the morning and before going to bed.

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