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Taking a closer look to herpes

Herpes simplex is most commonly considered as a mild disorder and not so serious health condition, mostly because it is usually manifested as the specific skin lesion. But, the special attention should be paid on it, since it belongs to the group of the viral diseases that can be passed on to another individual through the sexual contact. Additionally, it is among the diseases that cannot be treated by the traditional medicine. The reason is simple; all the conditions of the viral origin can only be alleviated by the prescribed medications, which can also just lessen their tendency to last longer and their commonness.

So, that is why one should try and heal the problem with the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs, that is, to help the natural regenerative process of the organism’s immunity, by making it quicker. Also, unlike in the case of the artificial medications, the harmful germs are not able to become resistant to the herbal remedies.The most effective herbs

The most effective are the remedies based on the herbs with a lot of the agents that annihilate viruses and bacteria, and very well known such the folk remedy is garlic. Besides being very rich in the mentioned, and the anti fungal agents too, it is beneficial because its agents are able to extend over the entire organism, doesn’t matter if it is used orally or topically. But, for the best results, in the treatment of this particular health problem, about 4 cloves of it should be eaten on a daily basis, and if the odor is unbearable, it could be weakened with honey.

Also very beneficial herb for treating herpes is Goldenseal, especially if herpes affected the genital organs or the other sensitive areas of the body. However, it is not as potent as garlic. Nevertheless, in order to attack the problem by boosting up of the immunity, the remedies based on Echinacea should be used. That is, the fastest effect is achieved by the intake of the juice extracted from this herb, tea made of it, or by the consumption of the essential Echinacea tincture. Nevertheless, the intake of this herb will be effective only if the therapy goes hand in hand with the proper healthy eating regime.

It is also good to mention that the strength of the defense system of the organism depends as well on the maintenance of it and that is why there are simply the people who are more and the people who are less likely to be infected by this virus.

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