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Acne and the main causes

Acnes are known under a number of other names, and the fact is that the number of people that has never faced the problem with them is very small, because, if nothing else, the period of puberty is the period in which they are practically impossible to avoid. The main reason, why they occur is related to the hormones, because, even though people can get them at any age, they are very frequently experienced in pregnancy, when a woman begins to use birth control pills, or in some cases even in the menstrual cycle. They are a result of the increased secretion of oil or sebum, which can be related to the hormones, bacteria, certain medicines, or it can simply be hereditary. They are never caused by dirt, and, even though a number of people may believe that oily and greasy food, or even chocolate, contribute to their appearances, it may be a relief to hear that these factors do not affect their appearance, at least not significantly. Regardless of the age in which they appear, they are always a stressing problem that can even leave permanent consequences such as scars on the skin, which is particularly uncomfortable and irritating when on face.

Herbs that can help in the acne treatment

Acnes are generally treated with over-the-counter lotions and medications such as antibiotics or oral contraceptives, while the scars may be removed with the injections of collagen or fat, with dermabrasion, or laser treatments. Alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular solution, and it offers various supplements that can help with acne. However, certain herbs and herbal preparations have also proven to be very effective in the treatment of this unpleasant condition, which is why the number of people who are ready to give it a try is constantly growing. Among the most frequently chosen herbs are aloe and various preparations made of it, calendula, lavender, walnut leaf and witch hazel. The majority is efficient either because of the ability to relieve the pain and inflammation, or because of its antibacterial properties. Goldenseal has antimicrobial properties, while dandelion, chamomile, burdock root, milk thistle and tea tree oil can also be used in particular forms. Before giving any of these herbs a try, it is highly recommended to visit a dermatologist and consult him about all the possible and available options, because the professional will be able to provide you with all the necessary information about the condition.

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