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Diabetes is a chronic medical condition featured by high blood sugar level. Diabetes is a common disease that affects around 17 million people in the United States and it is in third place as the cause of mortality, after cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The condition is incurable but can be controlled. Conventional medicine uses medications for treatment of diabetes. However, there are many herbs that are useful in treating diabetes and may be taken additionally to diabetes drugs or even as a replacement for medication treatment. Herbs for diabetes mostly originate from Asia due to its favorable climate for plant growth.

Herbs for Diabetes Vs Diabetes MedicationsHerbal remedies for diabetes are safe, non-toxic and have less adverse effects comparing to medications. However, plant medicines usually require longer period of time to show the effect because they are working by enhancing the immune system to deal with diabetes. Just like diabetes medication, natural herbal remedies have to be taken on a regular basis and in prescribed dosage in order to be effective. While, medications commonly entail side effects that cause more health problems that they solve, medicinal plants are safe but you must take correct herbal combination. There are different herbal formulas for treating as well as preventing diabetes so to choose the best option for you, seek professional opinion.

Diabetes Herbs

Before you start treatment with diabetes herbs, consult your physician or herbalist about formula that will work best for you and in what dosage. Some herbs for diabetes may eliminate the need for medications but it is not wise to take diabetes herbs in combination with diabetes drugs due to possible interactions and contraindications. Following herbal remedies have proven efficient in treatment of diabetes.

Bitter MelonBitter melon is one of the most popular herbal remedies for lowering blood sugar levels. Blood sugar lowering property is found in the fresh juice, tincture or extract of bitter melon. Phytochemicals found in bitter melon have anti-diabetic effects similar to effect of sulfonyurea drugs. However, unlike these drugs, bitter melon is free of side effects.


Extract of burdock root is well known for its ability to purify the blood and lower blood sugar. It is rich in fibers that prevent absorption of sugars and toxic matter from foods by the intestines.


Cinnamon helps cells to become more responsive to insulin. That makes cinnamon excellent choice for regulation of blood sugar. To gain the most benefit, use organic cinnamon in supplements and herbal teas.


Stevia can be used as a natural sweetener and reduce the sugar intake in patients with diabetes. Its active component, stevioside lowers blood sugar and can be used for treatment of type 2 diabetes.

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