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Respiratory Conditions

Coughs and other respiratory problems have always been troubling people. Nowadays, despite progress made in medicine, allergies and asthma are common as cold or flu and it is believed that these conditions will become more frequent occurrence. Since, modern medicine can’t successfully cure these illnesses many people are turning to herbs for relieving respiratory conditions more than to newest medications they can find in pharmacies.

Herbs possess incontrovertible potential to cure disease and restore balance in the body. Another benefit is that they are not as much dangerous as regular drugs. They have less side effects and adverse reactions.

Cough and ColdEchinacea promotes production of leukocytes (white blood cells) that fight against infections and at the same time this herb encourages production of interferon, chemical made by the body to fight against viruses. Echinacea is best for boosting immune system affected by recent stress or lack of sleep and to be utilized at first signs of cold. Echinacea is often utilized for cough, fever and sore throat. Additionally, hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and sinusitis can also be treated with this herb. Sinus InfectionGoldenseal alleviates sore mucous membranes. Barberine, compound in goldenseal act as antibiotic and disinfectant and can shorten period of sinus infection. Goldenseal irritating solution can be used for rinsing sinus passages. It is made from ½ tsp of Himalayan Crystal Salt dissolved in 8 ounces of warm water and of ½ tsp of goldenseal alcohol-free extract. This solution is used for flushing sinuses two times a day, for three days.

Pneumonia and Bronchitis

Remedy for respiratory infections includes fruits, vegetables and foods rich on chlorophyll since they produce alkaline pH in the body. Linda Page N.D., Ph.D. wrote about antiviral qualities of tea tree, eucalyptus and oregano essential oils in her book “Detoxification”. She recommends putting six drops of one of these oils in hot water and then using towel over your head inhale the steam for ten minutes. This is excellent remedy for sinuses.


Allergies occur due to hyperactive immune system when it exposed to dust, pollen, mold, mite and animal dander or any other allergen. Ayurveda, Indian traditional medical system old more than 5000 years, claims that seven specific herbs when combined together can promote immune system and stabilize mast cells which in turn maintain open airway passages and enhance respiratory health. These herbs are Indian gooseberry, haritaki, Indian walnut, ginger root, bahera, long pepper and black pepper. These herbs are available in supplement named Aller-7®, produced by InterHealth Nutraceuticals.

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