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Colon and Its Health

The colon is terminal part of gastrointestinal tract that is in charge with absorption of nutrients and balanced absorption/elimination of fluids. Its health is very important since it is chronically exposed to harmful substances. Regular bowel movements reduce the time toxic substances spend in colon and its exposure to these harmful compounds. Food rich in fats and absence of fibers in every day diet are not good for digestive system as they lead to prolonged digestion and extended contact of the dangerous products of digestion with mucous membrane of the colon.

The best way to keep the colon healthy and prevent some of the possible health conditions is to perform colon cleansing. There is a variety of herbs that are excellent in both, elimination of toxic substances and protection against them. Some symptoms and signs may point to necessity for colon cleansing. They include exhaustion, especially in the afternoon, headache and pain in the back, different allergies and skin changes, halitosis, problems with sleeping, problems with digestion, obesity, menstrual pains, and so on. Even depression, irritability and anxiety may require colon cleansing. Prior the very procedure one should discus herbal options with a doctor, chose the appropriate herb and get to know with all the information connected to the very herb.

Herbs for Healthy Colon

Aloe vera is a perfect laxative. It can help people suffering from constipation and irritated bowels.

Artichoke is a mighty protector of the liver. Artichoke assists in synthesis of bile and it can alleviate the problems with flatulence.

Barberry bark stimulates the bile output and acts as gentle laxative. Additional herb that is a great laxative is fennel.

Black radish is an excellent herb for constipation and additionally stimulates the production of bile.

Buchu can be used in women during menstrual bleeding when colon is likely to get inflamed and bloated.

Burdock root is good for both, production of digestive juices and protection of the liver.

Cascara sagrada can perfectly eliminate constipation just by preservation of intestinal tonicity. Intestinal tonicity can be additionally enhanced by ginger.

Cayenne pepper, garlic and dandelion are all effective in removal of toxic substances from the blood. Garlic additionally kills infective agents present in the blood. Even grapefruit seeds can eliminate certain bacteria, viruses and fungi. Turmeric is also good for elimination of infective agents.

Ginseng and green tea are in charge with elimination of the toxic substances from the whole body.

Golden seal and kale can successfully eliminate flatulence. Apart from that kale can prevent colorectal cancer.

The best herb for proper healing of the damaged mucous membranes of gastrointestinal tract is licorice root.

Regeneration of the liver can be achieved by milk thistle and parsley is excellent for kidneys.

Peppermint, rhubarb root, seaweed and psyllium husk soften the stool hence reduce problems with constipation. Peppermint is also good for cramps and enhances digestion.

Red clover eliminates 'bad' bacteria from gastrointestinal tract. It can additionally relax gastrointestinal muscles and act as powerful suppressant of appetite.

Senna accelerates the passage of the stool.

And finally, problems with indigestion and accompanying headaches can be easily dealt with spearmint.

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