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Lymphatic system is a vast network of small, thin vessels, capillaries, and tissue spaces that carry lymph throughout the body. Lymph is a clear fluid which contains lymphocytes, commonly known as white blood corpuscles. Lymph is found between the cells of the human body. The role of the lymphatic system is to supply food, warmth, and oxygen as well as to protect our body from some infections, gems and diseases. Lymphatic system is a complex system which includes several sub-organs such as spleen, thymus, bone marrow complex, adenoids, tonsils, and lymph nodes which are placed in the neck, groin, under arm and throat. There is more lymphatic fluid in a body than blood, and lymph circulates through the entire body, although it does not have a pump like the heart which pumps the blood.

It is very important to take care of our lymphatic system. The natural therapy can be very effective and helpful in maintaining our lymphatic system healthy. There are several herbs which are recommended to be used in cleaning the lymphatic system, such as Plantain, Black Cohosh, Virginia Snake Root, Gentian and Sweet Root. These herbs are used in the form of the drops, and about 40 drops of these herbs three times a day is advisable dosage. To clean the spleen and other organs, Chicory is considered to be the best. Oregon Grape is used when cleaning the lymphatics, while for all the fluids in the body about 5 drops of Blue Flag twice a day are suggested.

Bee Propolis and Horse Chestnut Leaf are the excellent cleaners of the lymphatic system and they also make stronger the vessels and the blood vessels. As an oxygenator, Lapacho is widely recognized to be one of the most effective herbs. In cleaning the lymphatic system apart from the above mentioned herbs, many exercises accompanied with rapid sweating or massage can help. To the persons who have enlarged spleen, Barberry Root and Bark can be very helpful. Furthermore, these two herbs have good effects on the liver and blood, as well as the herb called chickweed. Toxic wastes can be easily ejected from the body by using Burdock Root and Buckthorn. Echinacea is an herb which has the double function: as an antibiotic and as an agent that improves the immunity of the spleen and thymus. For the normal functioning of the lymphatic system Dandelion Root and Bark are recommended. Licorice Root is an excellent herb which is good for the liver and spleen but also for the production of more lymphocytes and antibiotic molecules.

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