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Sacks filled with fluid make the joints work easier by lubricating them. But when these sacks get inflamed and swollen, a condition named bursitis is produced. Shoulders, elbows and knee joints seem to be the most desired locations for bursitis. But the condition can occur in any joint of the human body. Some of the most common symptoms are skin rendering, tenderness and swollen area of aching. But this condition is very benign and even a few days spent in bed is enough to eliminate the condition. The treatment will not last more than fourteen days.

The bursitis can occur along with several diseases, like arthritis. The cause of bursitis can be excessive work or exercise, but it can also be caused by a present infection. As we grow older, we lose a lot of glucosamine, which is produced in our body and can be found in cartilage joints and tissue, and this leads to the condition discussed in this text. Many studies show that bursitis is caused by colder climate. But whatever the reason, the first thing you will experience when bursitis is developed is the stiffness of the joint. A certain kind of bursitis is usually produced by tight shoes. This condition, called Achilles's tendon, is common among younger women. Naturally, every condition can lead to a more serious effect. This is also the case with bursitis, since a chronic bursitis can be induced. The treatment we will state in the text is connected with the reduction of the swelling and the discomfort. For the removal of the condition, you will have to need a longer period of time. Since the diet is a crucial element of a healthy body, certain dietary changes will be needed. Items you will have to take are bioflavonoids, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, bromelain, vitamin E and A, glucosamine supplements (especially effective with chronic bursitis), minerals and iron. All of these remedies will aid the treatment, and will reduce the swelling and discomfort.

But in many cases, no matter what you do, the symptoms still remain. In this situation, you can try magnesium sulfate and vitamin B12 or intramuscular injections. Using these items can have a wanted effect in a long-term treatment. When the diet and supplements are fruitless, food allergies can be the cause. You can try applying arnica, fenugreek seed pack, and comfrey or mullein poultice. Electromagnetic therapy is a very effective way of treatment bursitis, which will even increase the blood flow. This will also help the treatment, so try to remember that, in case you find yourself in bursitis problems. Try to be calm and never move the joint. Several more home remedies which should be applied on the soaring spot include cider vinegar and potato or cabbage slices.

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