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Hip Bursitis

Bursitis is inflammation of bursa sacks filled with fluid. Thesesacks are here to enable smooth functioning of the muscles, tendons and bones. Movementis therefore completely painless with some healthy bursa sacks. Inflammation,however, provokes pain during some regular body movements because of thefriction. Additionally, tendons and muscles moving over these inflamed bursasacks only worsen existing problem.

Bursitis may affect different parts of the body, includingthe bursa sacks in the hip. Many patients suffering from hip bursitis can’t performusual and normal movements because of the pain they are feeling.

Natural treatments are becoming increasingly popular forthis and every other type of pain, usually because of the affordable price and efficacythey achieve. Many people choose natural over modern treatment options becauseof the safety issues.

Prevent the Problem

Prevention is your best bet when it comes to bursitis hip pain.Make sure to provide plenty of vitamins and minerals for your body and you won’thave to worry about hip pains. In most cases, patients suffering from hip bursitislack vitamin B12 and calcium, so if you want to prevent this condition use thefood or supplements rich in them. Green leafy vegetables, milk and dairyproducts are found out to be beneficial for bursitis hip pains.

Similarly useful remedy for prevention of bursitis hip painis the mixture of apple cider vinegar, honey and water. Drinking this shouldpromote proper functioning of the hip and positively affect any inflammationpresent in this part of the body.

Possible Natural Treatments

People with hip pains caused by bursitis often use ice to relievethe pain and inflammation.

Another option is to use a cloth soaked in mullein tea andapply to the painful area. Keep the cloth there for some 20 minutes every hourand it should take away the pain. Avoid leaving the cloth constantly on theskin, for it can cause irritation.

Lobelia oil is also frequently recommended for hip bursitispain. You should apply this oil to the affected hip and it is said to be ableto relieve the pain.

Combination of herbs such as horsetail, meadowsweet and willowbark, taken 3 times per day is also believed to be effective against hipbursitis pains.

Patients suffering from this problem may also use somestrong Aloe vera creams. Applied to the painful hip, these creams should reduceinflammation and ease bursitis.

Some people claim that a chamomile tea drank just before bedtimeevery night can help you with bursitis hip pain.

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