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Many people suffer from pain in various body parts, but in this particular article, we are going to focus on the painful elbow joint. This kind of pain can be really uncomfortable and there are many causes of it beside the common one called tennis elbow. One of the causes of the pain in the elbow joint could be a condition named bursitis. The tissue that is a sac filled with fluid is called bursa and when it becomes full of fluid, it can cause a lot of pain and swelling as well. People who suffer from bursitis may experience difficulties in moving their elbow and even hand smoothly, and it is caused by the collected fluid in the sac, which is placed in the elbow joint.

You can also have painful elbow joint due to the injury. A fall can make you have swollen elbow and unable to move it. Many people say that it is very good to rest your elbow if it hurts, but sometimes that activity can make you worsen the condition. So, try to consult a doctor on the appropriate treatment.

Symptoms of Bursitis

There are a couple of symptoms of bursitis by which you can determine if this condition is really bothering you. The first symptom you should experience if you suffer from bursitis is pain all around the back of the elbow. Next is the swelling, which should be experienced at the tip of the elbow, and then you would be unable to move your elbow at all. These symptoms indicate that you have an elbow bursitis, which is usually accompanied by the pain in the elbow joints. However, as bursitis is not the only cause of the painful elbow joint, you should consult a doctor who may suggest you take the x-ray, just in case you missed something.

Moreover, you should seek immediate medical help in case you have some other symptoms of the painful elbow joint such as redness, sweats, chills or fever. Sometimes, the condition of bursitis may grow into an infection causing some of these symptoms.


There are several treatments for the painful elbow joints. In case you have a kind of an infection, you should have some prescribed medications like antibiotics, since they will reduce the pain and minimize the chances of the infection becoming worse. Taking joint supplements such as creams or pills that contain cetylated fatty acids could be really good for you in case you suffer from the painful elbow joints. They will reduce the pain and the swelling and you will feel better in no time. Take care of your health and visit a doctor in case you experience something unusual about the elbow joint.

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