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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from bursitis. It is a condition when the bursae, which are the fluid-filled pads that act as a cushion between the bones and the tendons and muscles close to the bones, are affected. A person is not considered to be suffering from bursitis until these pads become inflamed. These pads can get inflamed in any place on the body but the elbows, shoulder and hips are mostly affected. Apart from these locations on the body, bursitis may occur by the knee, heel and even the big toe in some cases. Repetitive movement making joints are more prone to be affected with this ailment than other joints. The most common way of treatment for bursitis is rest. Rest is important so that the further damage to the joint would be avoided. It is natural for the bursitis caused pain to last for a couple of weeks. However, after that time and with proper treatment, a person should be pain-free. People should also know that the flare-ups of bursitis are not uncommon.


A person may find out by him or herself that he or she is suffering from bursitis by some usual symptoms. The affected joint will feel stiff and achy and will cause even more pain if a person moves it or puts pressure on it. The joint will appear swollen and red in most cases as well. A person should go to the hospital if the joint pain is disabling, lasts for more than 14 days and the area becomes excessively swollen, painful or red. A person who experiences fever and sharp pain in the joint should also consider going to the hospital.


A person will suffer from this condition if he or she repeats certain movements of the joint or positions it the same time after time. That will irritate the bursae. For instance, throwing a baseball will cause bursitis and so will repeated lifting. Sitting for a long time on hard surfaces leads to bursitis as well. A person who goes to the hospital will undergo an X-ray of the affected area. Lab tests are also possible in some cases.


People should know that not all types of this condition can be prevented. However, people can reduce the risk of ending up with bursitis. For instance, a person should use knee pads if his or her job or hobby includes a lot of kneeling. Placing a cushion between the knees during sleep helps to prevent the knees from pressing against each other. When they lift, people should do it properly and bend the knees. Taking frequent breaks helps a lot.

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