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Under the microscope

Before dealing withthe condition in question more in detail,it is essential to get certain basic information to be able to understandit better, and complete the image you perhaps had prior to reading thisarticle. First of all, the bursa itself represents a sac filled with fluid,whose prime responsibility is to lubricate the joint in order to make itsmovement go as smooth as possible and without any hindrances whatsoever. Bursa,however, has its weaknesses unfortunately. Namely, it is quite sensitive and isfrequently all too easily agitated, either by a straight external impact or dueto recurrency in movement. Direct consequence of this is the onset of a quiteunpleasant and pain inducing condition commonly referred to as bursitis. Another common culprit responsiblefor the onset of bursitis is a sudden change in body balance, which occurs oncea person’s body needs to adjust to the new environment and new set ofconditions that heavily influence the movement habits. But in the greatestmajority of cases, the condition in question occurs as a direct consequence ofsport related injuries. Aside from the above pointed out most frequentculprits, others that can also induce bursitis include various bacterialinfections in the bursa itself or the surrounding area, as well as arthritis. When it comes to theareas that suffer the most and are most often befallen by bursitis, theyinclude shoulder, knee, hip, elbow and ankle joints.


Just as anycondition, bursitis has its most common manifestations, which can aid a personin discovering it right at the start and treat it in time, before itcauses any more damage and becomes difficult to bear. Regarded as the mostfrequent and tell tale manifestation of this condition is the intense pain, aswell as hypersensitivity in the area surrounding the affected joint itself, aswell as rigidity in movement, inflammation and the occurrence of a burningsensation due to which a person’s skin starts to prick.

Treatment techniques

One of the, sort tospeak, upsides to this condition is that there is a possibility of theeffective home treatment, by way of performing exercises especially devised forthe purpose of alleviating this condition. In addition, the exercises can befortified by cold and heat compresses and by elevation also. In case the person’ship has befallen under the influence of bursitis, the most effective exercisesare considered to be the following:

Rolling and stretching of the gluteus,with backward hip extensionFlexing of the hip flexors by way ofdeliberate but mild in nature movementFlexing of the hip adductor

If bursitis affectsthe person’s shoulder, then one should do the following exercises:

Bones, ligament and muscle FlexingShoulder rotationOver-the-shoulder ball throwingForward/backward bending complementedwith a gentle thrust on the shoulder bones. Differentphysical therapy, rehabilitation and trauma prevention that have beneficialeffects on just about any type of bursitis are recommended too.

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