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Bursa is a small sac filled with fluid that acts as a buffer, in order to minimize friction between tendons, bones, and joints in your shoulder. Bursitis is an inflammatory reaction of a bursa sac. Most common places of inflammation are near large joints, such as knees, elbows, ankles, hip and shoulders. Bursitis causes pain and stiffness in tissues around those places.

Causes of bursitis usually are when people are involved in sports or hard work activities, thus overusing some parts of their body in physical activities, such as repeating movements, extensive and prolonged sitting, uncomfortable shoes or running. But bursitis mostly affects people occupied in sports, and older people, but it can happen to younger ones, too.

Signs and symptoms of bursitis can be loss of free motion in affected areas, swelling, pain in the areas around the bursa, stiffness or dull ache in areas around big joints, or worsening pain with motion or pressure.

There are various remedies that you can use at your home, either to treat bursitis, or to prevent it. In normal cases, signs and symptoms of bursitis disappear right after you stop your excessive physical activities, but in case they are not, it is one more reason for you to try to help yourself.

There are also natural treatments for bursitis, such as herbal and homeopathic remedies, witches are safe to use. In some cases, anti-inflammatory or pain medicaments can be prescribed. Acute bursitis usually lasts one or two weeks, and some time longer in home treatment.

You should try with some special set of exercises, in order to keep in shape and prevent or heal bursitis; there are some yoga exercises that are proven to be helpful.

Other thing you can try is to apply ice packs on the painful spot, in order to keep swelling down. This is true in cases of sudden or acute bursitis. In case of recurring one, called chronic bursitis, heat will help you.

You can try mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey. This combination reduces symptoms of bursitis.

Sometimes potato can help you; use two teaspoons of grated potato and put it in a cup of water over the night. Drink the cup in the morning on empty stomach.

Warm olive oil, when rubbed in sore or painful places, also helps to relieve the pain.

Although you should be avoiding salty food when you have bursitis, sometime cup of seawater can help you too.

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