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Pasta is a popular dish to be served by all families. It is cheap, easy, it can be healthy if you use a whole wheat pasta and most people like it including the children. The trick is to control the portion of the pasta that is served and beef it up with the vegetables and lean meats. Most of us grew up with once a week having spaghetti and meatballs. However there are so many other options you can try with pasta.

Recipes with Pasta

The first recipe you should try is using mushrooms, tomatoes, onion and a few pieces of bacon that have been sautéed in olive oil and with the added flavor of a garlic paste. All of this mixed together with a little bit of pasta will taste beautiful. Another idea to try is with tuna, sauté an onion and mix it together with a can of drained tuna, chilli flakes, fresh tomatoes that are diced and of course season with the salt and pepper, this can be served with a whole grain pasta.

Healthiest Pasta Option

A healthier option to try is a pasta dish that is combined with spinach, a sliced cucumber, rocket leaves and also a couple of halved cherry tomatoes. This can all be mixed together in salad cream or if you want it to be really healthy you can mix it with tomato sauce instead of salad cream. A simple option to attempt is sauté breadcrumbs in olive oil combined with chili and garlic and also some herbs like oregano or even basil. Cooked pasta can be added to a dish of chicken or even a soup made from vegetables.

Pasta With Sweet Potatoes and Leeks

You will need twelve ounces of a multi grain pasta, two table spoons of olive oil, three leeks, sliced garlic cloves, three of them. You will also need quarter of a cup of sage, two sweet potatoes, three quarters of a cup of cheese and quarter a table spoon of nutmeg. Simply cook the pasta and leave to one side, now you can heat up the oil in a pan and put in the leeks for around four minutes then add the garlic and the sage for another two minutes, after that you can add the sweet potato, salt and pepper for seasoning and cover for another six minutes. After the six minutes you can add the cheese and a little bit of water for about four minutes. Once this stage is complete, you can incorporate the pasta and the nutmeg and stir and serve.

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