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Latest Findings
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has recently conducted a study the results of which have shown that, when it comes to being overweight, men have an “upper hand.” Namely, in comparison to women whose percentage comes down to 52, men are at a far greater risk with 67%. The target research group consisted of both, men and women aged 25 and above. One of the most known common culprits for overweight is, of course, poor diet and diet-related habits. For some, fast food has become rather too convenient a solution. But what we have to mind all the time is the healthiness of that same food.
Healthy Food and Take Away Giants
Given the fact that “take away food giants” such as Subway, McDonalds, Red Rooster, Sumo Salad, Sushi Train, have become a vital part of every American’s daily life, at least one thing that everyone can do for him/herself is to opt for a bit more healthier offers.
Subway – for those who need a “quickie” to fill their stomach black holes, Subway is the one to visit. And in order to make it a healthy one, people from Subway have announced new tasty and, most of all, healthy offers - SUBWAY FRESH FIT meals and SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS Meals. Namely, these are the products of a quite some work in the Subway’s food department, which are to aid not only adults, but also kids in meeting the health recommendations more easily. Among other things that those meals low in fat offer are savory salads, veggies delight, turkey and roasted chicken, sub served on honey, oat or wheat bread. McDonalds – as far as probably the most favorite quickie food giant among the Americans is concerned, the healthy offers (“approved by the Heart Foundation”) include such as tandoori chicken wrap, seared sweet chilli chicken wrap, fillet of fish, lean beef burger, as well as fresh garden salad. Red Rooster – among those healthy offers from this food giant the choice should be directed toward the following offers, namely roasted chicken, skin free wrap, skin free baguette. The ones that should be avoided in case you are not in favor of those extra pounds are such as battered fish, chips, soft drinks and “rich” desserts. Sumo Salad – among the most praised is the grilled chicken Caesar salad, which has been termed as extremely healthy and richer in calories than, for example, Big Mac. Others include Thai beef salad, beetroot salad, balsamic salad, spiced lentil couscous in combination with citrus dressing, as well as paper rolls such as chicken, avocado, beef, prawn, and salmon rice rolls. Sushi Train – given the time/healthy ratio, when on the go and cornered by lack of time, sushi makes one of those healthier choices you can make. The recommended options from this particular food giant include nigiri and ship options in combination with salmon, or tuna, or prawns and chicken avocado.

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